Archaic Architecture Design is an online global compositional rivalry coordinator and blog for experts and understudies from around the globe. We invite experts and understudies from around the globe and all circles and positions of training (design, plan, workmanship, building, and so on.) to grandstand their innovativeness and contend among the most brilliant and the most imaginative personalities on worldwide.

           Our group of building experts tries to make a remarkable gathering that will enable, animate, and perceive understudies and engineers past their restricted domain. The rivalries will be held at a worldwide level, with various universal settings and topics. We at AAD feel that the members from everywhere throughout the world would relish and appreciate the energizing and intuitive nature of our rivalries that will follow.

        The jury for the rivalries will be finished by prestigious and famous characters from the field of engineering and plan. Merited acknowledgment and advancement of ability are one of our premier standards at the aad rivalry. The victors of the rivalries will get money related prizes and declarations, criticism by the jury other than distribution on our site, blog, internet-based life pages, and an opportunity to be included on the main engineering and plan gateways over the world. Contact us at archaicarchitecture@gmail.com


Aad partners itself with a large group of prestigious media houses, from compositional diaries, magazines, online journals and sites, as altruism accomplices for our different rivalries. Every one of our media accomplices and companions will cover our rivalries and occasions broadly all through its term on their particular entryways, with a large number of them additionally highlighting our triumphant rivalry passages and members, as a piece of their approaches to giving merited acknowledgment and advancement of ability.


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