The members of the jury panel are eminent professionals selected by aadcompetition.com. Participants are requested not to make any kind of contact to the jury members or try to influence the competition process or else he/she will be disqualified & will not be allowed to take part in future competitions organized by aadcompetition.com.

Prize money is totally dependent on the registration of the total entries received which is then distributed on the basis of total participation. Percentage allocation of the total amount is done as 40% of the total amount is given to the winning entry and 30% of the total amount is given to the runner up entry.

The participants are recommended to submit their proposal only in an appropriate format asked by the aadcompetition.com & no other format will be entertained.

At aadcompetition once submitted, no changes to proposals for the competition will be allowed & will not be considered valid. By submitting the proposal, the participant agrees the content to be original & is not copied from any other sources. In such a case if it comes to the notice of Aadcompetition, the participant would be disqualified without any notice & also the registration fee will not be refunded. Late submissions are not allowed & in such cases it will led to the disqualification of the participant.

The information acquired by the aadcompetition through registrations, submissions or through cookies would not be used for any illegality & will not affect the privacy of the users.


aadcompetition is committed to protecting your privacy & the acquired personal information will only be used to administer the competition processes and to provide you with a more personalized visit to the website.


The personal information would compose of Name of participant, Email address, Contact Number, Age, Occupation, Gender, Residence Address & Country. All the payments for participation in competition at aadcompetition.com are accepted through a secured payment gateway.


We accept following modes of payment through credit or debit card for participation purposes: NOTE - Please make sure to provide your name same as shown in the card & address same as shown in the statement.


AADCompetition holds the right to withdraw or eliminate the website i.e. www.aadcompetition.com at any time without prior notice to its users. The users using the website aadcompetition.com itself agrees to the terms & conditions. Upon disagreement, users are requested to stop the use of the website for any purpose.


The registration fees for any competition held by and competition is non-refundable in any case. The subjects or themes of the competitions are just based on ideas & we do not intent to built or execute any of the proposals submitted at aadcompetition.com.

All the information and data acquired would strictly be utilized under the guidelines stated within India Data Protection Legislation and adhere to Data Protection Act 1984 and 1988.

aadcompetition.com reserves the right to alter or modify the competition dates, prize money, certification & publication without prior notice to its users.

The users are prohibited to acquire information, content or documents related to the website which is not declassified. The users of the website aadcompetition.com are strictly prohibited from testing the security & integrity of the website. Once the proposals are submitted for any competition held by aadcompetiton, the users grant the website owner the permission to feature, publish or print the proposals for presentation purpose.

Cancellation Policy

Once a participant has registered for a competition with aadcompetition then it cannot be cancelled under any circumstances & no entry fee will be refunded.


Once the registration process is completed, the participants will be provided with a UIC (Unique Identification Code) within 24 hrs. The UIC is the only means of identity for evaluating participants proposals. Without UIC, the submitted proposal will not be considered valid.


No personal details can be changed once the registration process is completed, hence we request participants to carefully check the personal information submitted.


All the terms of use and regulations mentioned in this document are governed by the laws of India and all the users of the website would adhere to these laws.


Aadcompetition.com reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without any notice.

Refund Policy

There is a registration fee for Competitions on the website and all costs  incurred by entrants in preparing a submission are the sole responsibility of the entrant.All registration or submission fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable once an entry is made.

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